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Surface Preparation


One of the most important steps of installing a new flooring system is preparing the existing surface to receive the selected flooring system. Our staff are trained and well equipped with the latest tools and equipment necessary to remove existing flooring systems and provide the ideal profile for the bond of your new flooring.


Diamond grinding cleans the floor surface while smoothing imperfections and prepares the substrate to be coated. Industrial Restoration System utilizes dust collection units therefore making diamond grinding a dust free and environmentally safe method of surface prep.


Shot blasting is a very effective method of surface preparation used to strip, clean and profile concrete. Shot blasting removes old coatings, debris and other contaminants while leaving the surface dry, dust free and ready for new flooring systems. Shot blasting is recommended by floor coating manufacturers because it produces enhanced bonding characteristics reducing the risk of future coating failures.


Scarifying is used to remove the top layer of concrete as well as surface contaminants and coatings in preparation of the application of new surfaces and coatings. Scarifying creates a rough mechanical profile for applied materials to bond to, therefore ensuring a successful and long lasting coating job.