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Industrial Restoration System’s offers a variety of coating systems to meet your flooring needs. All of our projects are warranted and installed by well trained professional staff. We strive to go above and beyond our customers expectations. Call or email us with specific questions or needs.

Decorative Flooring and Wall Systems

Decorative flooring systems can provide chemical resistance while also providing an attractive finished appearance. We use multicolored flake or quartz aggregates with a variety of clear finishes available. These systems can be installed with coving to produce a very attractive watertight finish. They can also be installed vertically up walls. Ask a specialist for a demonstration.

Color Quartz

Color quartz is a decorative flooring system that utilizes colored quartz aggregate blends and epoxy resins to produce a decorative nonslip finish. While decorative, these systems also provide chemical and UV resistance.


Deco-Flake flooring systems utilize specifically formulated paint flakes to add color and texture while producing a very attractive finish. Deco-Flake flooring systems are becoming increasingly popular as the options are endless in appearance. While being very attractive and cleanable these systems also provide an incredible amount of chemical and UV resistance.

Chemical Resistant

In industrial environments concrete can be attacked by many different types of chemicals that destroy the surface and many times the structural integrity of the slab. IRS offers a wide range of chemical resistant flooring systems that will protect and prolong the life of your floor. Floors that have been protected from these elements are easier to clean and keep looking new.

Food and Beverage

Flooring systems provided by IRS are designed to meet the requirements of USDA and FDA as well as the requirements of each individual facility. Sanitation, safety and durability are key under the rigors of the food and beverage world. Let IRS work with you to tailor a system to meet your specific needs.